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Review: City of Fallen Angels

Title: City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments ~ Book 4)
Author: Cassandra Clare
Publication Date: April 5 2011
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry
ISBN: 1442403543
Length: 424 Pages
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Source: Purchased (Kindle Edition)
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My Rating: 4 Stars

Where to start... Where to start...  I found myself delaying starting this book, which I found very odd because of how much I loved the first three. I think it was because City of Glass ended so wonderfully for me that I was nervous to have everything start falling apart.  My fears seemed to have been justified.

This book largely focused on Simon, which I did like. I felt his transition in the previous books was glanced over too smoothly.  We finally get to see what he is really struggling with and how he deals with those struggles.

I do have to say there was many a time where I just wanted to tear my hair out in frustration. I love a good love story and I'm desperate for things to be all smiles and rainbows. Sadly the rainbows are few and far between... However there is currently a thunderstorm and I am not giving up hope that once that has passed that the sun will come out and not far behind that the rainbow I am desperately hoping for will appear.

One thing I can say... This ending has made it impossible for me to not immediately start the next book, City of Lost Souls.  As that is the last of the published books in this series, with book 6 not being released until 2014, I am sure to die of despair once I am finished.


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  24. Your thoughts on this one is exactly why I held off on reading it. I've read all of the first three books but decided to wait until the last three are all out to pick this one up. CC is the queen of the horrible cliffhanger, the one with Jace and Clary in the first three had me pulling my hair out. The one in Clockwork Prince has me pulling my hair out. So in consideration for the hair I have left, I thought this could wait. Lol! :)

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