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Review: The Assassin and the Desert

Title: The Assassin and the Desert (A Throne of Glass Novella 0.2)
Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publication Date: March 30 2012
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Length: 86 Pages
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Source: Purchased (Kindle Edition)
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My Rating: 4 Stars

This is the second of four novellas that serve as prequels to Throne of Glass. I will quickly add that I maintain my suggestion to read the full novel first and then these prequels. Not that anything is given away but the allure of Celaena's mysterious past is one of my favorite elements of the full novel. Reading these after is helping me see why she acts the way she does later on but I am glad to not have known these details at the time.

Another reason why I would strongly suggest the reading of the full novel first is because we are seeing a completely different side of Celaena in these novellas.  We all know that Celaena is in the prison of the salt mines at the start of Glass of Throne.  Before this she was a bit... shall I say... stuck up and cocky?  Yep that about sums it up.  Her attitude is not bothering me as much because I know how Celaena will be once she gets knocked down a peg or two.  But if I had not read the full novel first I am unsure if I would really like Celaena in these. Although we do still get to see how noble she is in her beliefs and her hatred toward slavery so we do see a glimpse of the real Celaena behind the walls she puts up around herself.

The Assassin and the Desert picks up very shortly after The Assassin and the Pirate Lord.  We find Celaena being punished for her act of treason against her master, Arobynn Hamel.  In the main novel we do learn a bit about Arobynn and get the idea that he was not a kind man.  Well... if there were any questions about that then this novella sure helped dispose of the doubts.  What a complete jerk.

There is no Sam in this novella which was a bit sad, I was hoping to see more of him and Celaena.  She has been sent by Arobynn to the red desert to train with the Silent Assassins.  The story is fast paced and as always full of adventure and betrayal.

Another quick fun read!


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  4. I really loved Throne of Glass but I haven't yet read these. Several have said I should have read them first, so I'm happy to hear you say that it's better to read Throne of Glass before so I have an idea of how she turns out. I really need to read them!

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  6. Throne of Glass sounds interesting. I'll add to my tbr list.

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  10. Throne of Glass is in my TBR pile, I hope to get to it soon! I didn't know there were so many prequels- that will be a nice extra to read! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm happy to follow you as well, I love the layout of your blog and the sparks/rain coming from the mouse pointer is so cool! :)

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