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Review: The Iron King

Meghan Chase has never fit in at her small-town high school, and now, on the eve of her 16th birthday, she discovers why.

When her half brother is kidnapped, Meghan is drawn into a fantastical world she never imagined--the world of Faery, where anything you see may try to eat you, and Meghan is the daughter of the summer faery king.

Now she will journey into the depths of Faery to face an unknown enemy . . . and beg the help of a winter prince who might as soon kill her as let her touch his icy heart.

Title: The Iron King (The Iron Fey ~ Book 1)
Author: Julie Kagawa
Publication Date: February 01 2010
Publisher: Harlequin Teen 
Length: 363 Pages
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Source: Purchased (Kindle Edition)
Cover Love: Love the colors and swirls!
Point of View: 1st person, following Meghan

My Rating: 4 Stars

Have you ever watched any of the classic 1980's fantasy films?  Legend, The Neverending Story, Willow, The Princess Bride, Labyrinth and so on?  I so got that same kind of vibe while reading The Iron King.  Julie Kagawa does an amazing job setting the scene for this series.  There is a ton of world building and it is completed brilliantly with a lot of wonderful details.

Meghan is a bit of a 'damsel in distress' at times but then she has moments of brilliance where she redeems herself completely.  Robbie/Puck is a classic and I think the author has done well in rewriting him.  To take on one of the original literary bad boys... I mean that takes some guts!  Ash, the Winter Prince, is written exactly as I would imagine him.  Cold and covered in frost but that all slowly starts to melt away.  I love how Ash can control his Winter elements when fighting.  He can throw ice shards, freeze his opponents and his sword is described as glowing blue.  I picture a constant ring of frosty air around him and his sword.

Of course there is the ever popular love triangle going on.  Puck was sent by the Summer King to watch over Meghan.  He has always been her friend and has always been by her side. But she has always looked at him as just that... a friend.  It is obvious that his feelings run a bit deeper.  Then there is Ash.  Ash is of the Winter Court and Meghan the Summer Court, any relationship between them would be doomed from the start. But who follows rules?

The faery world Julie has created is not rainbows and pretty pixies.  It is dark, menacing and you can easily get eaten alive if you are not careful.  It is very rare to find anybody who will help you without wanting something from you in return.  And a faery takes their bargaining very seriously... if you ever partake in a faery bargain be sure to read the fine print of the details.  They tend to be sneaky little buggers.

I don't want to give too much away about the story itself because it is so magical and fantastical!  I want you to be able to enjoy it as much as I did, love the way she was able to take the classical fairy tales and modernize them.  The only reason why I have not given The Iron King 5 stars is because I feel it has room to be even better and I am pretty excited to read the rest of the series to see how great it can be!

“I licked my lips and whispered, "Is this where you say you'll kill me?"
One corner of his lips curled. "If you like," he murmured, a flicker of amusement finally crossing his face. "Though it's gotten far too interesting for that.”


  1. I have this book literally sitting under my desk. LOL. I will be reading it soon! Now I have a good idea of what it's about. Great review! (PS, love the sparkle cursor. I have a white one. :D)

    1. Thanks! I get a lot of comments about the cursor... I love it also. :) Sometimes I just sit here and make little swirls and patterns with it. I can be so productive sometimes. :P

  2. I will def crack this open now. Reading your reviews got me into this again.


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