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Review: Shadowfever

Title: Shadowfever (Fever ~ Book 5)
Author: Karen Marie Moning
Publication Date: January 1 2011
Publisher: Dell
ISBN: 0440244412
Length: 671 Pages
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Source: Purchased (Kindle Edition)
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My Rating: 5 Stars

What an outstanding series of books this turned out to be. I will be honest and say that after the first book I wasn't quite sure about them... Yes I enjoyed book one but at that point in time I could not tell if I was going to get that emotionally involved. Boy have I been shocked by how much I ended up loving every last detail of each book. I tend to read rather quickly and when I get really involved I can't book it down. However this afternoon from around 85% I found myself reading a little then putting my Kindle down, then going back to reading a little more. Not because I wasn't excited about what was happening. It was because I never wanted it to end. I will miss Mac, Barrons, Dani, Mac's parents, The MacKeltars, Barron's men, the girls at the Abbey... I will miss them all! Then at the end what do I find? "The End" (turn page) "For Now..." I could not have been happier! Sad my time in their world is finished, yes. The hope of more time in their world at a later time, YESSSSS!

Shadowfever starts off exactly where Dreamfever left off. I was so excited to start reading it that I didn't even complete a review for Dreamfever before starting it. I had to know how it continued, who was there in front of Mac? Then when I read it.. I put my Kindle down and was scared to continue. Honestly scared. I refused to Google anything about the book and forced myself to continue. Then the next day at work over lunch I found out what I had feared most had not happened [well...] and I again had to put the book down because I felt myself almost crying and I didn't want to look like a complete idiot with my co-workers sitting around me.

This book [in fact this entire series] has so many ups and downs, twists and turns, shockers, tender moments, hot moments and so on... I was a complete bundle of emotions while reading and it was a wonderful feeling.

I hate giving too much away in reviews and I feel if I say anything more it will give away major plot points so I will leave it at this... I wholeheartedly suggest that you read the Fever series as soon as possible. If you find yourself not investing in the characters after book one please take my word for it, you will very soon! And then you will think back and wonder what you were so worried about to begin with.

Oh yeah.. and I *heart* Jericho Barrons! But I'm sure this is a view held by a many people that read this series.

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  1. This series are my favorite books OF ALL TIME. I love them so much!! I know what you mean about the ending, the cliffhanger was crazy!! That was like the mother of all cliffhangers. Good thing you had Shadowfever available, when I read Dreamfever I still had over a year to wait!! It was horrible! Can't wait for Iced XD

    Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog, I returned the follow :)

    Jessi @ Auntie Spinelli Reads


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