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Review: Something Witchy This Way Comes

Title: Something Witchy This Way Comes (Jolie Wilkins ~ Book 5)
Author: H.P. Mallory
Publication Date: September 25 2012
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0345531582
Length: 336 Pages
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My Rating: 3 Stars

Point of View: 1st Person, following Jolie

From the moment that I read the first sentence of Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble I have loved Jolie Wilkins and the two men in her life, Rand and Sinjin.  Of course I have always loved Sinjin more... much, much more in fact (even though it took me a while to admit this to myself).  So when I heard that this was going to be the final book in the Jolie Wilkins series I was filled with a mixture of emotions.  I was sad because I love Sinjin and did not want his story to end however I was also filled with hope because HP Mallory has said there will be a spin-off trilogy from one of the characters from this series.

It has been apparent from the 4th book in this series that the love triangle was pretty much broken and that Jolie would be with Rand.  This did not fill me with joy.  Although, with the promise of the spin off I have been hopeful there is the possibility for more Sinjin.

Anytime you go into an announced final book in a series that you love there is a bit of dread.  What if it doesn't live up to your expectations?  What if the answers that you are dying to know are not answered?  What if the wrong decisions are made by your favorite characters?

With all of these questions in mind I have to say that sadly I was a little disappointed in this fifth and final book in the Jolie Wilkins series.  There were so many unanswered questions left wide open, brand new characters introduced in the final 20% and so many conversations between Jolie and Sinjin that never happened...

I can only assume that the spin off is going to carry on with the same main storyline but just from a different person's point of view.  So I think that is where some of my frustration is coming from because I assumed everything would be tied up nice and tight with a neat little bow.  But it wasn't.  I just assumed the spin-off would follow a new path and new storyline but I really hope now it carries on with the same plot so that these answers and much needed conversations take place.

I also felt that this book had a completely different feel to it than the other books in the series.  I found Jolie's internal monologue out of the ordinary.  Yes in the previous books she has always had the conflictions in her head but in this book she has full on arguments with herself.  As in pages at a time she is just sat talking to herself, arguing back and forth.  At one point she actually thinks something that the part of her inside agrees with and she even comments on how that was the first time in a long time that she has agreed with herself on something...?  Maybe in her last bout of time travel she was spliced and there are actually two of her in her mind?

However... my biggest complaint would be the lack of Sinjin. Yes this is coming from quite possibility the biggest Sinjin fan of them all so it would only make sense that I would be unhappy if he was not a large part of the book.  To be fair he was in the first 20% a little bit, then he left at 20% and we do not see or hear from him again until 78%.  What?!?  How is this possible?  Every other book has been filled with the interactions between Jolie, Sinjin and Rand.  Everything has always hinged on those relationships.  Then we have the final book in the series and one of the major characters is missing in action.  Again I can only hope that it is because he will play a larger role in the spin-off.

I know it is going to seem from reading this review that I did not like this book but I want to assure you all that I still do recommend it. My annoyance with the book is rooted in my love of a character and it has been difficult for me to separate my love of Sinjin from the equation and therefore I feel I may be overly critical of the book because of this.  It is not in anyway my favorite of the series but feel it is important to read it so that you can carry on with the planned spin-off.  However as a stand alone without reading the other books in the series I would not recommend that course of action... although I wouldn't recommend that with any series book.  It is always best to read them all.

The Jolie books have been a joy to read and I hope this review helps those reading this book.  If you do not go into it thinking it is the normal end of a series type of book then it will help alleviate any disappointment when the story is not all wrapped up in the end.  If you go into it with hope that the questions will be answered in the spin-off then you will be fine.

I just hope Sinjin will eventually find happiness because he truly deserves it...

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