Thursday, 28 February 2013

Swoon Thursday #15

Who doesn't love a good swoon?

The ladies over at YA Bound have created this hot and fun meme!
If you want to join in here's all you need to do.

From the book you’re currently reading, or one you just finished, tell us what made you SWOON. What got your heart pounding, your skin tingling and your stomach fluttering?

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Who would have ever thought that I would be posting a Swoon about a zombie?  Not me that's for sure... but what can I say?  I fell in love with R.  So much in fact that I was going through my saved clippings on my Kindle and couldn't pick just one Swoon so this week... you get the joy of two wonderful moments between R and Julie.  *sigh*

Following the screams, I find Julie at the Departures gate.  She is backed into a corner, surrounded by six drooling Dead.  They close in on her, rearing back a little each time she swings her smoke-belching hedge trimmer, but advancing steadily.  I rush at them from behind and crash into their tight circle, scattering them like bowling pins.

I stand there in front of Julie, brandishing a muscle-bound limb, and the Dead stop advancing.

"Julie!" I snarl at them while pointing at her.  "Julie!"

"Julie!" I say again, not sure how else to put it.  I walk up to her and press my hand against her heart.  I drop the arm-club and put my other hand on my own heart.  "Julie."

I listen to her breathing slow as she falls asleep. After a few hours, with her fear safely tucked away in dreams, she rolls over, removing most of the gap between us. She's facing me now.  Her faint breath tickets my ear.  If she were to wake up right now, would she scream?  Could I ever make her understand how safe she really is?

I won't deny that this proximity ignites more urges in me than the instinct to kill and eat.  But although these new urgers are there, some of them startling in their intensity, all I really want to do is lie next to her.

In this moment, the most I'd ever hope for would be for her to lay her head on my chest, let out a warm, contented breath, and sleep.

What is your swoon worthy moment this week?

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  1. I have to read this book soon! I adored the movie! Great swoon!

    My Swoon

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  2. I'm honestly not really into zombies, but R does sound intruging. I'll have to really think on adding this book to my TBR. :)

    My Swoon

  3. OMG.. I want to read this book soooooo bad! I will not see the movie until I do so, but it sounds like such an awesome story. Great swoons!
    Here's my Swoon.

  4. Great swoons for zombies. I think for the movie I will wait to see it on TV or rent it. As for the book it seems like it would be an interesting read.

    My Swoon

  5. I really should read this book! I never went to see the movie, because I like reading the books before I see the movie adaptations (because I really hate movie adaptations most of the time). I'll check it out! :D

    Great swoon choice!

    My Swoon!

  6. I've heard a lot about this one. Sound intersting.

    Here's mine!



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