Friday, 23 November 2012

Feature and Follow Friday #4

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Q: What blog are you thankful for?

A: There are SO many bloggers that I follow religiously and love but my pick this week is Joie de Lire!  Not only does Joie have a terrific taste in books (as in if she reads it and loves it then it will usually end up on my TBR list) but she is also one of the sweetest people.  Perfect example of how sweet she can be, check out her post titled 'Why I Love YA'.

She was also my first Book Blogger Spotlight and that alone will hold a special place in my heart.

Oh and another special bond we share, Kami and Jared!  It is pretty obvious that if Sarah Rees Brennan doesn't have these two get together at the end of The Lynburn Legacy series...  Well let's just say I know she and I will be tracking down Brennan together to convince her to write a new ending.

So in other words... Joie rocks and I would strongly suggest you go check out her blog and follow, follow, follow!

So... what about you? What is your answer?

Feel free to leave your links below so that I can check them out and if you are a new follower be sure to let me know so that I can come and check out your blog in return!


  1. Great answer. I will definitely check out her blog especially the post 'Why I love YA'.

    New follower via GFC! Love your blog :)
    Becca @ Lost in Thought

  2. Yes this was hard to do this week!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  3. Oh yes! Joie de lire is a very nice blog! I read it often too. :)

    New follower! :)

    The Readdicts Feature & Follow Friday

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  4. i am following her blog now, i hope i find her as awesome as you do!

    My FF

  5. I will definitely check out Joie. =) I chose Fiktshun. I love your site. I'm a new GFC follower - Bookworm Brandee

  6. OH. MY. GOSH.
    Christine. You are making me blush like crazy right now! This is quite possibly the sweetest post I have ever read so have a *VIRTUAL BEAR HUG*
    And yes, if Jared and Kami aren't endgame, you and I are totally making a trip to find SRB, chain her to a desk, and make her re-write the ending. ;)


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