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Review: Love Love

Gabrielle Willis is smart. She's funny. And oh yes, she's a bit klutzy.

When Gabrielle left sunny California bound for the energy of Manhattan, she was willingly leaving the life she had known for the new life she would create. But was she really leaving something behind or was she running away?

On the outside, Gabrielle Willis has it all under control. A new life in Manhattan, a great roommate, and a good job. But she is haunted. Haunted by a memory she's tried to forget and by a family who's abandoned her. But what happens when what's on the outside is only an illusion and in perfect contradiction to what's buried deep within?

Enter Dane Rhodes. He's gorgeous, smart, and sexy as hell. Just what Gabby wants, or so she thinks. But when she meets Brad Dixon, the sweet guy with the crooked smile, he begins to make her see that the very thing she is trying to run from is the very thing that just may push her to see the light.

Title: Love Love
Author: Beth Michele | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Website
Publication Date: May 8 2013
Publisher: Self-Published 
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Source: Purchased (Kindle Edition)
Cover Love: This cover could not be any more more perfect.
Point of View: 1st person, following Gabrielle

My Rating: 5 Stars

Amazing.  Honestly, the smile that has been permanently etched upon my face when I finished is actually starting to ache a little.  There really is no other word to describe how much I adored Love Love, other than to say I thought it was amazing.

"There's no time limit on grief.  Breathe it, feel it, let it seep into you.  When you're ready, and only when you're ready, you’ll be able to let it go.  And even then, it will stay with you, somewhere in a part of your soul."

Where do I even begin?  Okay, how about the story?  It is amaz... okay yeah you get the idea.  I absolutely love that the synopsis for this book is written in the way that it is.  It doesn't give too much away, which I appreciate.  It is just enough to get you interested but perfectly written so that big moments are not ruined for you when you read it.  I was treated to so much more than I expected.

“Everything looks so much brighter today.  The sky is a magnificent cobalt blue, the clouds look like puffy white marshmallows, and I'm happy.  Not the fake, suck-it-up-and-put-a-smile-on-your-face-happy.  Really happy.  For the first time in a long time.”

I so love Gabby.  I adored her relationship with her best friend, Fran.  Normally side characters are there to support the main characters.  The shoulder to cry on, the giver of good advice, etc...  Even though Fran fulfils this role perfectly, it was her own story that also touched my heart.  She has her past that she is dealing with, and Gabby in more ways than one filled the role of supporter for Fran.  This just showed the deep love these two woman have for each other.  It was also great to see they could disagree with the other without it turning into a bitchfest.  They love and support one another from start to finish, even if they do not always see eye to eye.  It was refreshing.

“I lay my hand over his and give it an empathetic squeeze.  "I know what it's like to be damaged."

Brad raises his eyes to mine. "I don't know, Gabby. We're all damaged, right? It's what we make of the wreckage that matters.”

So Gabby meets two men, Dane and Brad.  I know exactly what you are thinking right now, because I am sure it is exactly what I was thinking when I read the synopsis.  Ugh.  A love triangle.

Please, please, please... do not be turned away from reading Love Love because you fear that dreaded three sided horror.  This is not a love triangle.  Yes, there is one woman and two men... no it does not turn into a some kind of kinky ménage à trois, and no Dane and Brad do not end up being the same person.  You will just have to trust me on this.  I did not think of this as a love triangle, at all.

“You're not ready for me yet, as much as I wish like hell you were.  But I'm patient.  I'd wait forever to be the one who gets to hold your heart.”

Now, I am going to spend a little time discussing Brad.  How can I put this?  Oh yeah.  I LOVE HIM.  Brad is gentle, kind, caring, sweet, and oh so swoonworthy.  I think I lost count at the number of times I either let out an audible sigh or teared up at something he said.

My kindle copy has been highlighted within an inch of it's life.  I might as well have just highlighted every single time he opened his mouth.  Heck, there were even some parts when he could just be sat there smiling his perfect one dimpled smile and I would highlight that.  Yes... I have a new addiction, and he is called Brad Dixon.

 “I lean against Brad's shoulder and he softly kisses my hair.  Bringing my hand to his chest, I feel the rapid beat of his heart.

He inches closer and whispers, "Do you feel that? That's what you do to me.”

Okay, I am stopping my rambling now.  I hope you have stuck with me through all my gibberish, and I hope you get the hint I am trying to put out there.  Read this book.  If you are a fan of contemporary romances then you will not be disappointed.  You will fall in love with the story, the characters, the swoon filled moments, and the perfect epilogue.  *sigh*  There is nothing better than a great epilogue to end a perfect story.

oooOOOooohhh and I just remembered.  Even Beth Michele's acknowledgements made me cry.  How is that even possible?  Check this out... "Lastly, but certainly not least... to my readers.  Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  I was a reader long before I became a writer, so I know what it means to read a book that makes your spirit soar and your heart happy.  I hope my novel does that for you."

Yes, Beth, your novel did exactly that.  Thank you for all of your hard work, and I can not wait until I can read more of your stories.  You have made a lifelong fan out of me.

“I spy with my little eye, something that is so beautiful, it leaves me breathless."

Swallowing hard, I take a deep breath and answer, "Trump Towers?"  When I turn my head to look at him, I see serious brown eyes staring back at me.

"Nope... you.”


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