Friday, 28 June 2013

Paris Love Match: Blog Tour Stop, Review & Giveaway

Piers Chapman had seen Paris, In pictures, In movies, In books.

What he hadn't seen was the mobster. Or the dictator. Or the trained killers. Or the diamonds they were chasing.

But it was Paris, The city of light, The city of love. And a girl had already stolen his heart. What could possibly go wrong?

Getting a taxi in Paris can be hell. Piers Chapman expected a boring business trip to Paris. What he didn't expect was to fight over a cab with a beautiful girl. After a bad meeting, Sidney Roux just wanted to hail a cab, go home, and have a glass of wine. She didn't expect to fight over a cab with some pompous British tourist. Neither of them expected another man to jump in their cab. Or to be involved in a gun fight. Or a car chase through the streets of Paris. Or for the man to die. But they're thrust together when the mob demands they return what the dead man stole. Will Piers and Sidney work together? Will they find what he had stolen? Will they stay alive? And will they do the last thing they expected? Will they fall in love?

Title: Paris Love Match
Author: Nigel Blackwell | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Website
Publication Date: May 2 2013
Publisher: Bandit Publishing  
Tour Organized by: ATOMR Tours
Length: 250 Pages
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Source: ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review
Cover Love: Pretty much how I pictured both Piers and Sidney
Point of View: 3rd person, following mostly Piers

My Rating: 4 Stars

If I gave half stars I would say this was a solid three and a half for me.  However, I do not do halves so I have rounded up to four, simply because it did make me laugh several times and I love Piers.

I thought Piers was lovely, and I really liked his character.  He was believable and so funny.  Sidney... well she annoyed me.  I know at the start her character was all about herself.  And I understand that, I do.  It's just that there were times when I felt like she was a little over the top.  They were running for their lives, and she wants to stop to go shopping for new clothes?  Is this really the right time Sidney?

However, even in saying that by the end I warmed to her.  I didn't really get how Piers fell for her at the start though, because she was pretty self absorbed.  But by the end I wanted them together so that is all that matters.

The side characters, Little and Large, were also hilarious.  I couldn't help thinking of them as two bumbling bandits, and a lot of the laughs came from these two.

Overall, I recommend Paris Love Match to those who enjoy a good caper.  The banter and dynamics between Piers and Sidney is funny and well written, they bicker more than an old married couple.  The ending is smart and very well laid out.

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    Thanks for the review - and the extra half star :) Feedback helps a lot!

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