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Book Blogger Spotlight: It's a Book Life

To the blogging universe I am known as Kay, which is my middle name.  I live in Illinois. I married the love of my life last September and I am enjoying married life so far. I work part-time for a local newspaper. When I’m not working I’m blogging, reading, writing, watching television, hanging out with my friends and family, or spending quality time with my husband, but mostly I’m reading.

When and why did you become a book blogger?

I became a book blogger in June of 2012. As an avid reader with a very small number of friends and family members that love books as much as I do I wanted another way to communicate with other book lovers. I wanted to be able to share my love of books and my opinion about bookish things to more people.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?

It just came to me one day after many other lame ideas that I had.  Once my younger brother told me it was a cool name I figured I was good to go. So “It’s a Book Life” was born. I think it fits perfectly because for the most part, my life really is a book life.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing about blogging is getting to share my love of books with other book lovers out there. I have met so many awesome fellow book bloggers! I love bookish discussions. Oh and sometimes getting free books doesn’t hurt either.

What do you find the hardest about blogging?

Not becoming overwhelmed with books I have to read for review. I sometimes have to remind myself not to accept too many books for review. I want to make sure I have time to read books that I choose myself, or that have been sitting on my TBR pile for a long time.

Does your blog participate in any weekly features and if so which is your favorite?

I occasionally participate in Waiting on Wednesday, Teaser Tuesday, Library Loot, and Top Ten Tuesday when I find the topic interesting. I love them all equally, but I think Teaser Tuesday is a fun one! I get so many great new reading ideas.

What has been your favorite moment since you became a book blogger? Which review, interview or giveaway have you been most proud of?

This is tough question. I guess my favorite moment was when I posted Click. Click. Click. - "Add to goodreads" Button Addiction. It was my first real discussion post on the blog and I received a lot of awesome comments. I also want to say that I created two other fun posts that I do on my blog including Book Recommendation Friday, which occurs about once a month, and a Bookish News post that I post every Sunday. I’m pretty proud of those as well.

What kind of genres do you enjoy reading and reviewing the most?

I read so many different genres of books, but right now I’m really into Young Adult Dystopian novels and well done romances.

What is your favorite individual book or series? What makes you love it so much?

I feel like these questions are getting harder as I go along… :)  I’m going to go with The Mara Dyer trilogy by Michelle Hodkin. I just read these books at the end of last year and I instantly fell in love. They are full of mystery and suspense. There is also a swoon worthy male lead, Noah, which never hurts. These books are different than the usual young adult, and I just fell in love.

Who is your favorite fictional male character, why and from what book or series are they from?

Eric Northman from The Sookie Stackhouse series is my favorite fictional male character who I of course wish was real. No matter what I will always have a place for him in my heart. He is the sexiest bad boy I have ever read.

Who is your favorite fictional female character, why and from what book or series are they from?

I love this question! I’m going to go with Stephanie Plum from the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. She is fun, a little crazy, clumsy, and hilarious, kicks butt, and a bounty hunter who always seems to be getting herself into some sort of ridiculous trouble.

Who are your favorite three authors and why?

Rick Riordan ~ I love his Percy Jackson series and The Kane Chronicles trilogy. He knows how to write a good adventure story and does great things with different mythology stories and characters.

J.K. Rowling ~ Harry Potter will always and forever be in my heart. That right there shroud tell you why I love this author.

Veronica Roth ~ Her Divergent trilogy is amazing, and one of the best dystopian books I have ever read. She does some amazing world building.

If you could turn one book or series into films, what would you pick and who would you cast as the main characters?

I’m going to go with A Discovery of Witches by: Deborah Harkness. I love this book. For the main female Diana, who is a witch, I would cast Jessica Chastain, I just love her in The Help, even though that is a totally different character than Diana I think she would be perfect.  For Matthew, a vampire, I would pick Ian Somerhalder because he already plays the perfect vampire in Vampire Diaries and isn’t too harsh on the eyes either.

What has been your favorite book of 2013? Why did you love it?

Although I have read a lot of great books so far this year, I’m going to go with the Second Sight series by Heather Topham Wood. These books are some of the cutest and fun reads I have ever encountered.  One of the biggest reasons that I love these books is because the two main characters are so loveable. If I connect well with the characters in a book it is always a hundred times more enjoyable.

What books are you most looking forward to in 2013?

Allegiant by: Victoria Roth
Dead Ever After by: Charlaine Harris
Not a Drop to Drink by: Mindy McGinnis
Premeditated by: Josin L. McQuein

Paper books or ebooks?

I will always love paper books more than ebooks.

Where is your favorite place to read?

I would have to say outside on a nice spring day on this bench by my apartment complex.

Milk chocolate, white chocolate or dark chocolate?

Dark Chocolate

Coffee, hot tea or hot chocolate?

Iced Coffee

Would you like to give any other details about yourself? How can others find you around the web? Such as Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, etc...


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