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Review: Die for Her

Jules Marchenoir is a revenant-an undead being whose fate forces him to sacrifice himself over and over again to save human lives.

He’s spent the better part of the last century flirting his way through Paris, but when he met Kate Mercier, the heroine from Amy Plum’s Die for Me trilogy, he knew his afterlife had changed forever and he had found the love of his life.Until Kate fell for his best friend, Vincent.

Now Jules is faced with an impossible decision: choosing between his loyal friend and a love truly worth dying for.

Title: Die For Her (Revenants ~ Book 2.5)
Author: Amy Plum | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Website
Publication Date: April 2 2013
Publisher: HarperTeen 
Length: 60 Pages
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Source: Purchased (Kindle Edition)
Cover Love: Breathtakingly stunning...
Point of View: 1st person, following Jules

My Rating: 5 Stars

I have been on a major countdown for the release of Die for Her.  I was so excited to wake up on Tuesday to find it already on my Kindle and I wasted no time in immediately starting it.

As with the other books in the Revenants series, Amy Plum thrusts us right back into the beauty and romance of Paris.  I was in awe when I read Die for Me and Until I Die, and I experienced the same reaction when reading Die for Her.  I felt as though I was there walking right along the Seine with the characters.  I could smell the smells they did, see the same sights and feel the same cold winter air as it whipped them.  Plum has an amazing way with words and you will feel completely immersed in their world.

“She leaves an empty hole behind her.  There was this feeling of optimism and joy in the house when she was around that's now turned into void.  Like Vincent, I feel hollow.  Sad.  And as the days pass, I begin to realize I've grown to care for Kate.  Not as my best friend's girlfriend, but as someone in and of herself.  And I realize I miss her.”

This novella is a short retelling of the first two books in the series but told from Jules' point of view.  Obviously with it only being sixty pages it is not a full retelling but it hits the major plot storylines that help us to understand how Jules has fallen for his best friends love.

“I find myself wishing that I could work that magic for her.  That I could bring the smile back to her face.  But I slap at those thoughts as if they were mosquitoes. What am I doing, caring so much about my best friend's love? I deny my feelings for her because they shouldn't exist.”

What is not to love about Jules?  He is a romantic, a tortured artist and has a wicked sense of humor.  Yes, he is player but this is because in all the years he has lived he has never allowed himself to get close to anybody.  He didn't want the burden of breaking somebody's heart down the road when it would have to inevitably end due to him being immortal.  But then there is Kate.

“I introduce the two girls.  Kate leans over and whispers, "She's gorgeous!"  And I respond with the truth: "She has nothing on you, of course, Kates.  It's just that you are so very... taken.”

But the more time he spends with Kate the more he allows himself to get closer and to care for her.  He is disgusted at himself for the feelings he is having and swears to never make them known to Vincent or Kate.

 “It's with a feeling of despair that I return her to his arms.  I want him to be angry.  I want him to challenge me.  Because then the truth will be out and I won't have to hide my feelings.  But he trusts me too much to suspect me.  And I love him too much to hurt him.”

Honestly, my heart breaks for Jules.  I simply love him.  I have no idea how his story is going to end happy.  It is pretty clear that Vincent and Kate are destined to be together and I can only hope that somehow Jules is able to find his own happily ever after.  Although, as much as I love Vincent... I am still secretly rooting for Jules.  But even saying that seems wrong because Vincent is such a lovely character.  If I am this torn I can only imagine how Kate will feel once she discovers that Jules is also in love with her.

“Their poses are all different but the face is the same.  Painted from memory in scene after scene is the fresh-faced beauty.  Kate.

It's the bargain I've made with myself.  If I can't caress her body with my hands, I paint it with my brushes. Use my fingers to trace her lines.”

Thankfully the wait for the final book in the series, If I Should Die, is not to terribly far away.  The publication date is set for May 7 2013 so only a month away.  To say I am excited for this story to continue is a drastic understatement...

“She is my inspiration. My muse. My obsession.”

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