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Review: Suicide Note

Sometimes in life it feels like everything that can go wrong does, but everything happens for a reason. A relationship crumbles so someone else can mend the pieces of your broken heart. A change of plans can lead you to something you didn’t even know you were missing. You help others and discover that it was you who needed to be helped all along.

Jenn’s life is nothing as she had imagined it would be. She is twenty-something with a failing career and her love life has officially ended with an ultimate act of betrayal. She is ready to throw away her dreams when a chance run-in with a soldier, dealing with his own misfortunes, alters her course and changes her perspective on life.

Title: Suicide Note
Author: Teresa Mummert | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Website
Publication Date: March 12 2013
Publisher: Self-Published
ISBN: 9781301733279
Length: 336 Pages
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Source: Purchased (Kindle Edition)
Cover Love: Perfect cover.  Love the colors, love the heart note... love it all.
Point of View: Alternating 1st person between both Jenn and Shane

My Rating: 4 Stars

What an amazingly sweet and touching story.  The characters are relatable and loveable.... and I dare anybody to read Suicide Note and not want to go and find the first soldier you come across and give him or her a big hug.

“I had never been scared of deployments or of war, but now I was scared to leave.  I didn’t want to leave her.  When I met her, I saw her as someone else who needed saving but she had saved me.  She had given me hope when I had given up on everything in my life.”

I have always thought of myself as a strong person but I know for a fact that I would not be able to handle the demands and stress that would come along from a relationship with a man in the military.  The worry, the fears, the not knowing...  I would not be a strong enough person to let go of that control.

And Jenn... she is strong enough.  Of course it is tough at first because her relationship with Shane is so new and he is so quickly thrust back out into his deployment but she is a very strong willed character and I admired her.  And Shane is a man who always wanted to help.  Wanted to make things better so being a solider is something that comes naturally to him.  It is not an easy thing to do and to say that I admire him is an understatement.  I am not going to turn this into a political speech (and the book does not delve into politics either...) but you can agree or disagree with the current state of the military and the battles that they choose to be a part of but you can not fault the soldiers themselves.  Strong doesn't even begin to cover the type of character a person must have to want to take on that kind of life and responsibility.

“You were the light when my entire world was dark.  You gave me a reason to keep going when all I wanted to do was give up.”

And no before you start thinking this entire novel is about the war and military... it is not.  It is about love, acceptance and understanding.  There are a lot of different factors going on in these characters lives and the military life is just one of them.

“I forced myself to keep my eyes open so I could memorize every curve of her face.  I wanted the image burned so deeply in my memory that when I closed my eyes to sleep at night, she would be the last thing I saw and the first person on my mind when I woke.”

This is also written in dual point of view which I absolutely love.  However, the only reason why I gave it four stars instead of five is that there were times when the POV jump got a little confusing.  Because you are not only jumping between Jenn and Shane but also you are jumping dates.  It is important when reading that you read the title header and wrap your head around the date as well as the person.  Sometimes weeks are skipped and if you don't pay attention it can get a little confusing.  I also noticed toward the end that there was a date change to the past however it seemed to be a jump in the story forward rather than backwards as the date would suggest, probably just an honest mistake.

“Tears, happy tears, fell from my eyes as I held on to the only person in the world that could take away all of my hurting with a simple smile.”

So, if you are looking for a heart whelming love story with a happy ending then do not look any further.  Suicide Note will have you smiling from ear to ear by the time you are finished, of that I have no doubts.

“India Lima Yankee”


  1. WOW! it sounds like a great book.
    I like dual point of views because it helps you to have a wider view of the world and romance.
    Great review and thnks for sharing

  2. It seems funny that for a book to be called Suicide Note it has such happy and interesting content. Thanks for pointing it out though I love a good love story :)


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